Tuesday, July 9, 2013


(especially those who are new to training programs)

Physical and Fitness Evaluation - 10 sessions - FREE
Workout Strategies and Motivation - 10 sessions - $100 total

Together -
These two programs make a integrated, sensible fitness program.
Separately - Choose the one that fits your budget and interest.

Ladies! Are you interested in improving your health? Would you like more information on nutrition and suggestions on the type of physical activity that will best fit my schedule and interests?  Do you need the motivation to stick to a health and fitness plan?

Well this is what Gear West Ski and Run has to offer: A Free medical consult with a registered nurse coupled with information on how to begin, continue with or discover new types of fitness activities to improve your health and happiness…..

Join us! Offered for a limited time only, below is our background and …’The Plan’!

Ingrid Melander  is a Registered Nurse completing a Bachelor's Degree from Bethel University. She's been a nurse for seven years and a triathlete for 16. Her focus is on holistic nursing and wellness coaching. Her personal philosophy is that most human beings can maintain a healthy life free of medication and illness if given the knowledge and encouragement to do so.

Jan Guenther is the owner of Gear West Ski and Run and Gear West Adrenaline & Casual (all in Long Lake) and at the ripening older age of 54 has years of experience in juggling the sports of running, xc skiing, paddling, swimming, biking, triathlons and a variety of strength exercises with running retail and raising children. Her philosophy is finding creative ways to fit fitness into your busy lifestyle and how to maintain the motivation over the years.

Meet at Gear West  Ski and Run 2x/ month for a five month period.

Physical and Fitness Evaluation - Ingrid

Initial visit is for a private consultation to have: blood pressure, pulse, body fat, BMI, perceived stress level, and body measurements taken. Goals regarding nutrition and fitness will be discussed specifically for the client. Tasks set up to reach those goals determined and then one on one encouragement through text and phone as the client desires. Twice monthly it will be important to collect vitals and measurements to determine health status while working toward health goals.

These services are offered FREE through Gear West with a commitment to meet twice a month with the nurse/consultant. Information and goals will be evaluated and offered for five months.

Workout Strategies and Motivation - Jan
Additionally, after the physical measurements with Ingrid you may sign up for a approximately ½ to ¾ hr (2x/month) to discuss different types of workout options available to you; discussions of fitness goals; what equipment you may need; and the motivation on how to stick to your physical and nutrition goals. Basically at the end of the five months, our goal is to assist YOU with improving your health, understanding a fitness and nutrition plan and helping you stick to the plan so you feel GREAT!  Cost for this program (ten scheduled meetings following the health measurements) is $100  ($10/session)

How do I sign up? Please contact Ingrid  Registered Nurse and Triathlon Coach   
Phone (612) 747-3887 to register a date for the FREE health consult

Or, have questions? Contact Jan at gearwest@gearwest.com

Questions or ready to begin? Ingrid and Jan will be at Gear West Sunday July 21st from 12-4

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