Monday, July 20, 2009

New boots, training camp and now recovery

Matt Liebsch is a member of the CXC Elite cross country ski team and a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a BS in Electrical Engineering. He is an Olympic hopeful and had a very successful 2009 season… 3rd Place at US Nationals, Mora Vasaloppet winner and American Birkebeiner Champion. When Matt is not training and racing he is helping out at Gear West or spending time with his wife, one-year-old son and new baby girl Samantha.

This past week I was in Hayward for an intensity block of training with the CXC team. For me, the week involved 9 hard workouts over the course of 5 days… 3 VO2max workouts, 2 time trials, 3 strength workouts and a threshold session. I am a little tired to say the least. Luckily I have been working with Larry Foss at "The Fix Studio" … Larry is great at putting me back together after I break down my body with hard training. This coming week is a well deserved recovery week as I allow my body to absorb all the training I have completed over the past few weeks.

When I arrived at camp in Hayward I was greeted with a gift… new boots – Salomon S-Lab Skate Boot! I think it may be my engineering background but I love any new techie stuff. Kevin Johnson of Salomon sports sent me a pair of next seasons boot. I didn't think the new boots could be more comfy than my current Salomon S-Lab boots but I was wrong. It feels like Salomon improved the overall fit, especially the arch and last. Kevin also sent me 2 cuffs to play around with; the standard cuff and new Carbon Energyzer cuff. Initial testing has me very excited with the carbon cuff. It seems to keep you in a better skiing position than the standard cuff. One last item I noticed was the pin on the boot is moved further under the foot. This definitely gives a better feeling of control and pushing off the ski seems a little more natural. Additionally, the boots are just as water proof as last years boots, I would know as we did a lot of rollerskiing in the rain last week at camp.

Train hard, train smart!