Saturday, September 27, 2008

PSI Rollerski Review by Gear West's Brodie Rau

Recently I took the PSI Rollerski for a test ski, and I was impressed. Compared to the Elpex F1, it is a tough competitor in speed, controllability, and smoothness of the ride.

The shaft is made with aluminum and, according to the PSI website, an aeronautical alloy. The wheels are a high density rubber on a lightweight alloy wheel. This combination of materials makes for a smooth and lightweight rollerski. At the same time these materials are tough and will last just as long as any other rollerski on the market.

I compared the PSI with the Elpex F1 with #2 wheels. The shaft is shorter than the Elpex F1, but this allows for more control on the downhill sections of trail. The wheel size makes up for the shorter shaft and allows for a smoother feel on rougher parts of the trail. The speed was comparable to the Elpex F1 with #2 wheels; however, Elpex was a bit faster on the downhill sections. On flat and gradual uphill sections, the PSI easily kept up with the Elpex. I could maintain a nice conversation pace with the person on the Elpex rollerskis without feeling like I was working to keep up.

The wheel speed was very similar to snow ski speed, which is good for muscle memory and overall training. For rollerskiers a bit nervous about roll speed and falling, the slower wheel speed on the PSI and shorter shaft gives that extra bit of confidence needed. Even though the wheel speed is slightly slower than the Elpex wheel, I would still use this rollerski over the Elpex. It’s a smoother ride and easier to control. I have more confidence on hills with the PSI.
Due to the materials used in making the PSI, it is a lighter weight rollerski than the Elpex F1. The lightness of the PSI makes it hardly noticeable on your feet during weight transfer. The shaft and wheel material also provide a nice dampening affect making the PSI a really smooth ride.

The price really makes this ski an overall winner. At a price of $199.99, it’s the best deal for a nice training rollerski. Even the spare wheels are inexpensive. They are $24.99 each which makes them on the cheaper end of the rollerskis. But don’t be fooled by the price as these skis are just as well built as Elpex. Overall I would rate the PSI rollerski an excellent choice for any Nordic ski enthusiast. It’s easy to ride, smooth, and controllable. The fear factor is minimal due to the ease of handling. I would defiantly rollerski again and again on the PSI Rollerskis.

To learn more about PSI, check out their website at

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Atomic Boots

New this year from Atomic is two different widths for the Woldcup Skate and Classic boot. The Worldcup Skate and Classic boots offer the more "S-Lab" narrower last while their new Race Carbon boots offer a slightly wider last for more average width feet.

Those who like the fit of most skate boots, but have trouble with the width, may want to try on the Atomic Race Carbon boot. It is built just like the World Cup, so there isn't any sacrifice in performance. Both the Race Carbon Skate and Classic boots are built with the Pilot 2 Carbon Pro sole and have the same uppers as the World Cup boots with the carbon stabilizers added to the skate boots.

Check out the new boots at, or give us a call, toll free, at 1-877-473-4327.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Atomic World Cup Ski

Last season Atomic released a video of their new Atomic World Cup "Cheetah" Ski....ENJOY!
SOLD NOW FOR $599.99 at