Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gear West Review of Nike Vomero+ 7

Nike Vomero+ 7

by Speedy - Gear West Shoe Sales and High School Track and Cross Country Coach
The Nike Vomero+ 7 is the seventh edition (as the name implies). Since it first came out in 2006 the Vomero has been a staple in the Nike line of technical running shoes. Made for high mileage runners needing neutral cushioning, the shoe has been a winner from the beginning.

The Nike Vomero+ 7 is a high cushion neutral shoes made for runners putting in high mileage or runners looking for more cushion to help their legs recover faster. I coach high school track. At the start of the season last March I was looking for a new shoe. I tried five or six pair and ran a little in each. The Vomero was the best. The fit, the feel and the cushion I knew it was the shoe for me.

My feet are average width and I have a medium arch, (Goldylocks arches) Not too high, not too low. I'm a pretty efficient runner with not a lot of wasted energy and minimal pounding. I'm comfortable with a wide variety of shoes but tend to prefer shoes with more cushion. The Vomero is among the best. Running with these shoes my legs feel better than they have in several years.

After three months of running and a 250 miles the shoes still have great cushion. I've run in the rain and snow, on roads and trails and the shoes still give great cushioning and good support.

Section meet was last week and track season is winding down, so I went for a longer run on my own last Sunday. My run of 11 miles went easy and the shoes felt great. With the new Vomero+ 8 just out I'm thinking I'll take advantage of the closeouts and get a new pair of Vomero+ 7s.

Vomero+ 8 is now on the market. We have a large selection of Vomero+ 7 on clearance,
or you can come to the store to check out Vomero+ 8.

Vomero+ 7 and 8 at Gear West

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The Endless Run said...

Agree, great fit and feel...however they wear down much more quickly than comparable models. At 80-90 miles per week, I unexpectedly burned through the Vomero much faster than Air Pegs.