Monday, March 4, 2013

Korte skier thanks paramedics

Hi Jan, Brian and Lynne,

Here's my 'shout outs' for this year's Korteloppet.  As you folks know, I ski in the back of the pack (see Silent Sports article April 1996).  So for the last 13 years I have been skiing the Kortie.  This year I found that I didn't have any space left on my Madshus Classic skis so it was time for a family reunion at Gear West.  Thanks to you Lynne, Jan and Brian for supporting my purchase of new boots and skis.  I was excited to try out the latest in Atomic' SkinTec skis.

Race day comes and they are feeling good in my practice runs and then I'm off.  All was going well even if the snow was heavy and slow for me from wave 8.  My final slope down hill to the finish and something awful happened . . . I took a big tumble spinning and landing on my left side.  I tried twice to raise my right arm only to find that my arm would not move.  I was clearly in sight of the finish and within moments, two Paramedic teams were surrounding me.

My first comment was "Looks like I won't be finishing this year"  Then Bob said, "What makes you say that, can you walk?"  I said yes and he said "We'll get your arm in a sling, get your skis off and walk you to the finish line".  Bob and Karen got me up and walked beside me.

I FINISHED, thanks to these understanding and kind-hearted Paramedics.

The story continued in Hayward Memorial ER.  Recommendation was to see an Orthopedic Specialist.  Which I did after returning home.  Shoulder replacement scheduled for this Thursday.

Thanks to all who help the Birkie skiers . . . both fast and slow and for all the care that was shown me on my 18th year on the trail.

Stan Ragnes


Beeceegee said...

That last hill was a doozie! Glad you made it to the finish, Stan!

Newt said...

Titanium parts and 3 naked virgins attending to you will have you ready for next year!