Sunday, March 17, 2013

Friday - Exploring CT 158

Refreshed after a night at Cascade Lodge we searched for a route from Bally Cabins to Devil Track Lodge.

Our first, best plan was to angle NW on CT 158 for 10km then turn east on North Devil Track Road, which we heard was plowed but enough snow remained on the road to ski. As part of their trail network, Bally Cabins grooms CT 158 for a couple km. Then we took turns breaking through four inches of new powder. The road was wide but we were protected by thick forest on both sides. After a while and a snack we met up with Kathy (shuttler in chief) and the three of us skied to our waiting van. We were disappointed to see our next  leg was plowed to the dirt and ruled out as a possible route. To bad, North Devil Track runs on a high esker populated with red pins and views of small lakes.

In the afternoon we wound down with a couple loops on the Pincushion Trails.

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