Monday, December 10, 2012

Snowstorm Brings Excitement to Gear West Ski and Run

Snow affects mental health and Sunday's storm proves it. I have worked at Gear West Ski and Run for just a couple weeks and I have seen how snow puts smiles on customers and employees. Let's call it Snowstorm Happiness Syndrome. It’s contagious.

11:30 A.M. Sunday snow was falling hard and roads were in rough shape. Dana pulled into the Gear West parking lot to find four customers waiting for the store to open at noon. Each of the customers had all-wheel drive and they were on their way to the ski trails. They were picking up new hats and gloves or their newly waxed skis.

Even with difficult travel the shop was busy all day on Sunday. Those who bought new skis waited for bindings to be mounted so they could use them that afternoon. They would be skiing on the trails at Baker Park or French Park.

Brian demonstrates scientific measurement of snow depth - "See. Exactly 12 inches"

Gear West employees were as excited to see the snow as our customers. Lynne skied before coming to work Sunday, Brodie didn’t work Sunday but explored the back roads of Brooklyn Park on his fish scales during the peak of the storm. I had Sunday off so I skied from my house  to Theodore Wirth Park. As I skied I enjoyed seeing the snow pile up on the fences and branches. These are the days we Gear Wester live for. 

Gear West Ski and Run wrapped in snow

Monday.  The sun is shining and snow is deep around the store. The parking lot is half full with customer cars. I can feel the excitement as I walk into the store. Everyone is smiling. The phones are ringing, Speedy is helping customers with new skis and Brodie in the shipping department is boxing up new orders.

From my desk I can hear Speedy talking with customers. “I want skis I can break trail with or ski in set tracks” the Speedy says “These skis will work great, they are wide enough for breaking trail yet they fit in the track without rubbing on the sides.”. This is a break-your-own-trail kind of winter and we are all loving it. 

Speedy love touring on the Salomon Elite 5 Grip.
Speedy says "These skis make winter fun. You will get great performance wherever there's snow. 51mm wide in the shovel - makes it ideal for breaking trail yet goes in a set track nicely without scraping the sides all the time. 3D core better lift in the waxless area so the fish scales don't drag. G2 Plus waxless pattern gives a great kick and still a good glide. Very low maintance but you can apply Toko Grip and Glide over the the entire base and you glide through the snow. 

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