Monday, August 2, 2010

Lynne "Employee of the Moment"

Full Name: Lynne Joy Cecil
Age (optional): no way... 48
GW Position: sales
Weight (optional):125lbs.
Height (optional):5’4"
Athletic Ability: above average... and stealing from Leibsch - DEPENDS ON THE SPORT

Where did you grow up? Hometown?

I was born in Montana…yeah, that's the Wild West, and raised in Plymouth. I went to Wayzata High School. I currently live in Bloomington. There were a few years when I lived in Crested Butte, CO; telemark skiing, mountain biking and running wild.

Why would you ever want to move from the Wild West to Plymouth, MN?
I played and experimented a little too hard… it was the wild part that got the best of me

What childhood sports did you or didn’t you do?
CHEERLEADING... is that a sport??

OOOh…pom-poms and everything! Where were you in the Cheerleader pyramid?

No pyramid back then. I think we were called “unathletic big mouths.”

Where's Lynne?

Any sweet sports achievements or personal victories?
I had a blast on the Fischer/Salomon Marathon Team for years (a long time ago) and won several marathons in the US: the California Gold Rush, the Tour of Anchorage, 1990 Birkie, overall Great American Ski Chase winner.... Mora 58K, 42K, 35K winner. I can sprint when there is money on the line, winning 5 Birkie Sprints!! I also have run several road and trail marathons and very successfully participate in the Tri Loppet every year with my ole pal Speedy. My biggest victory is bringing my 3 beautiful daughters into this world who continue to challenge and push me and bring me great joy.

"Cecil, who won the pre-race sprints for the third straight year, said ' I didn't even have a beer after winning the sprints this week,' she said. 'I was more serious.'" - Star Tribune

Unfortunately, I am relatively not-so-fast now. I highly recommend not completely losing your base! Haha. I am getting more fit now, and just want to bridge the gap with Jan a little more…bahahahahahah… but seriously, it’s just fun to get some fitness back and I enjoy racing enough and LOVE to feel good while racing… and I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere of racing!

Lynne racing on custom cut-off classic skis and boots

College/Secondary Education/Degrees/Philosophies?
U of MN graduate, Elementary Education, LA School of Joyology, certified Joyologist

Is that Los Angeles School of Joyology?
Yes, I went to school in LA and studied with Jason Mraz to spread love, joy and gratitude on the planet. I am working to become a world class Joyologist. I am a work in progress as my sarcastic side continues to show up…

Through your life experiences, how did you find your way to Gear West?
My parents owned BJ's Bike & Ski for 20 years and BK was the "ski guy" there... I met Jan at the Dachsten Glacier... children came...we raced together (skiing, trail running...) kids grew up and I’ve always loved retail... so it was an easy path to GW.

The Daughters - photo by Mike Krieter:

How long have you been working at Gear West?
I’ve been at GW for 4 years, some part-time.

What is the most interesting aspect of working at Gear West?
Oskar, the people, the enthusiasm, the fitness, the motivation, the new equipment, the cute clothes, the dogs, and the events….the variety, the energy.

Have you learned anything or grown as a person while at Gear West?
Yes, most definitely. Ask anyone here… I have more gratitude every day.

What drives you in this business?
The people....

What about the people drive you?
Every person that walks in the door has a story along with athletic goals… and I find them all fascinating… what motivates people and how different people find happiness and balance and how the role of fitness serves them in their lives.

Speedy driving Lynne at the Tri-Loppet

What do you do at Gear West?
Sell, Sell, Sell… and work with warranties and some ordering.

How about spreading Joy to all?
Well, when I answer the phone Gear West, this is Joy… it helps me to get out of myself and show up in a happier, more joyful way…

Do you have any strengths/weaknesses?

Umm…is that yes or no? Duh is not exactly what I was looking for.
Strengths – yes! Weaknesses – yes! I’m working on time management now and BALANCE in all my affairs… more Joy, less sarcasm, more focus…


Tom McGoldrick said...

She was also an awesome babysitter.

kwest said...

I met Lynne through the "children" connection, and know this side of her life. We shared some nice activities with our kids... remembering Art Masterpiece presentations at the elementary school(you were nervous the first time), and remembering Minn Youth Ski Leaage (you stuck your hand in goose-poop during dry-land). Let's not forget the years of tap, ballet and jazz dance lessons (god they were cute).
You always give a nice welcome on our annual visit to Gear West, so keep spreading the Joy.
Ken Wachtler
(Laura, Michelle, Jessica)