Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Really cool Giro Eyewear

Every once in a while a product comes along that has the cool looks but doesn't sacrifice on form, fit, and function. Gear West's new eyewear line from Giro (http://www.gearwest.com/giro-c-2846.html) fills the gap on the best in multi-sport eye wear. Originally designed for integrated use with Giro's bike helmets, these sunglasses are snug, light, and have unbelievable clear lenses.

Thanks to a great partnership with Zeiss, Giro is able to come out with the best in a clear and non-deforming lens. The lenses on all Giro glasses are cut to perfect standards to eliminate any distortion when looking through the lens. Some lenses can deform what you're looking at usually around the edges. Images can become squashed or weird looking, but with the Zeiss cut lens (same technology used in binoculars and rifle scopes), there is no distortion or anything weird going on.

Another really cool feature of Giro eye wear is their lightness on the face. Sometimes when wearing sunglasses, there can be weird pressure points or they feel heavy, but with Giro, there is no strange pressure points. The temples sit nicely on the ears without pushing the ears out and down. Not only are there no pressure points, they are so light that it's hard to tell that they're even on your head!

I've had the chance to try out the Giro Filter and Semi Full sunglasses. With superb fit and comfort, these sunglasses are a good option when looking for a multi-use eye wear.

The Filters are a medium sized piece and fits many face sizes. What sets the Filters apart from all the other multi-lens/multi-sport glasses is the ease of changing lenses. Giro has created the Pop Top. This is the simplest way to change lenses. Never again will you have to try and rip your frames apart and leave fingerprints all over the place just to change your lenses. Simply just flip the Pop Top on the side of the Filters' frame and the lenses are free. Insert the new lens and flip the Pop Top back down. It's just that simple. Check out this link for more on Giro's Pop Top technology http://www.giro.com/site/#/technology/sunglasses/pop_top_technology/pop_top_technology/.

The Semi comes in a full or a compact lens size. The frame sizes are the same between the two, but the lens size is a different size. The Semi Full have a bigger lens shape for medium to larger heads. The Semi Compact work really well for medium to smaller head sizes. At a competitive price point, the Semis are the way to go. The lenses can be changed with a simple amount of pressure applied on the frames. I was really impressed by how easy changing the lenses were as compared to other glasses. The Semis are light and look great on or off the field.

To see more Giro Eyewear, visit http://www.gearwest.com/.

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